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Sabrina Farrell

Paper Leaves Chandelier

Paper Leaves Chandelier

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Sabrina Farrell combines her two main mediums in this chandelier made of forged steel and handmade paper leaf forms on copper armature. The central warm vintage-style bulb is surrounded by a cascading swirl of these leaves, hanging from a forged steel ring and attached by a forged steel S hook at the top. from the top of the hook to the bottom leaf measures five feet, and it is 16 inches across.

Each "leaf" is made by first forming a copper wire frame with loops at either end. Then sheets of paper are pulled from a vat of abaca pulp tinted with copper pigment, and when still wet, draped and formed over the wire frame. These are then allowed to dry, and as they do, the paper shrinks and pulls on the soft copper wire, distorting the form into organic shapes reminiscent of dried leaves.

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