Collection: Steve Lohman- Steel Sculpture

Lohman's steel and wire sculptures are three dimensional line drawings which stand, hang, and bounce in space. Graceful and whimsical, Lohman’s lyrical creations express subtleties of life and forms.
Though made of metal and fixed in space, Steve’s sculptures possess a sense of whimsical showmanship, each piece like an elegant act of performance art: animated antics frozen in time. Steve makes each of his sculptures from a single line of either thin wire or thicker steel, and this continuous line heightens both the sense of motion and the humor of his work. “Using a single line,” he says, “makes for playful art, whether you’re drawing or sculpting.”
“My pieces can be small table-top pieces or larger-than-life figures. But I find myself making more and more large outdoor sculptures,” Steve says. “I like the way my work interacts with a garden setting and changes with the light and the shadows outdoors, from morning to night and from season to season. Calculating how a sculpture will fit into someone’s environment is part of the creative process.”