Collection: Patty Bilbro- Ceramic Sculpture

Patty Bilbro

Ceramic Sculpture

To free fall….

Terror as the world zooms past, plummeting towards inevitable pain and death. Twirling in the chaos.

Eyes closed, turned inward, being present, feeling the peace of floating, not falling. Listening to the deep calming silence inside.

Eyes open, scanning the horizon, reaching, touching, connecting, with the bodies falling with you.


“I fling my body around the yard, snapping pictures, trying to capture the terror, peace, and connection of falling through life. I am firmly planted to the ground with gravity, but in snapshots of genderless silhouettes, I see the weightlessness, the connection, the love, the beauty, the sadness, the inevitability of death that binds us all together.”


Patty Bilbro lives and works in Madrid, NM where she has daily conversations with the crows. Patty plays, creates, and meanders through the desert as much as she can.