Collection: Sabrina Farrell- Steel and Paper


"There is so much to hold 

it is easier to just carry it all and keep on carrying 

Easier still to pass it along in an endless bucket brigade 

It’s hardest of all to just hold it and let it pass through 

We worry that the holding will go on and on 

But carrying has a limit, a threshold 

that if crossed too quickly could blow the entire circuit breaker box and every last fuse inside 

Which makes the whole house go dark 

Ah but we welcome the sudden dark because it’s the only rest we get from constantly carrying 

so much pain 

and so much beauty

The only way I know to do the trick of simply holding 

is to notice it all like a field researcher making notes in her book and drawing the likenesses of plants 

Is to play like like a kid in the bath tub 

Is to ask over and again 

my questions 

And if luck favors me 

if my hands are busy making sparks and pulling fibers 

if I offer my fussy mind a pacifier 

if I wait long enough 

the answers come through 

I can show you what my answers look like but I can’t tell you what they mean 

Lines and layers, dips and dives, are the same inside us as they are outside and both are the same as all of eternity. An EKG, a row of dripping icicles, the rises and falls of a lived life, all look the same to me from where I’m sitting

in here. "


Raised in Vermont, Farrell studied at the Massachusetts College of Art before earning her BFA at Northern Vermont University. She first fell in love with metal while working as a roofer, learning to install standing seam metal roofing by hand with antique tools.

Over the past decade, Farrell has explored the limitless possibilities of sculptural paper-making by studying at Carriage House Paper in Brooklyn, at Paper Rain Studios in Santa Fe and in her own studio practice. Her work combines handmade paper and hand forged steel in unique and functional sculpture.

The paper making process begins with abaca pulp that has been pre-beaten in a Hollander mixer for 2-4 hours. Retention aid and copper pigment is then beaten into the pulp and a slurry is prepared in the paper making vat with additional water. Sheets are pulled from the vat using a mould and deckle and couched onto pellon sheets. Newly formed sheets are used both wet and dry in a variety of 3D papermaking techniques.

Round and square bar steel of various sizes are used in Farrell’s sculptures, light fixtures and functional art. The steel is cut to size, ground and then heated in her gas forge. The red hot metal is then able to be bent, textured and forged by hammer using a 100 lb Fisher anvil from 1896. Finished pieces are drilled and sealed with beeswax.

Sabrina’s work  combines handmade paper and hand forged steel in unique and functional sculpture. Her designs reflect a deep reverence of the natural world, a playful curiosity in her process and respect for her mediums.

You can also find Sabrina in the gallery several days a week working as assistant in the gallery and in the Clementine & Co. jewelry studio on site.