Collection: Eliana Bernard

ChatGPTEliana, the creator and designer behind the eponymous brand Made By Eliana, established her ceramics business in 2014. Her range of products encompasses dinnerware, home décor, and handmade tiles. Each piece is meticulously crafted from start to finish in her East Austin studio, utilizing clays and glazes she has developed over time. Employing slab and slip-casting techniques, Eliana prioritizes small-batch production and slow making.

In 2020, Eliana delved into handmade tiles, experimenting with clay prototypes featuring intricately carved line work patterns. She designed plaster molds for slip-casting tiles, leading to the production of samples for project inquiries. This venture led her to collaborate with interior designers on custom kitchen backsplashes and tiled coffee tables with fellow artisans.

Recently, Eliana has redirected her focus exclusively to ceramic wall art for homes. She finds joy in exploring various surface designs and innovative presentations of ceramic tile shapes. Her wall hangings have garnered popularity as best sellers, becoming her preferred products to create. Each release features unique pieces inspired by specific themes.

Eliana believes in the significance of the objects we choose to adorn our homes with. Therefore, she dedicates time and attention to crafting pieces that enhance the home's ambiance, hoping that others will cherish them as much as she enjoys creating them.