About SUN & DUST

SUN & DUST was started in 2021 by jewelry artist Emily Spykman - Clementine & Co. Jewelry- as an extension of her jewelry studio and showroom in the village of Corrales, NM. Finding themself with wall space to fill and extra display space available, Emily reached out to artists they admire and know from years of working craft shows and befriending other artists. Many of them said yes, and SUN & DUST gained it's first consigned artists. After a year in Corrales, the gallery moved to Canyon Road in Santa Fe, with a much bigger space and an international clientele of art collectors coming through the doors. Our roster of artists continues to grow, as we nurture and promote the evolution of the artists we represent.

Our curation at SUN & DUST is centered around artists who marry really good craft with experimentation, allowing them to push the boundaries of their medium and genre. In short- they must be doing something new and unexpected, with exquisite execution.

If you would like to see more pieces, or would like to commission an artwork from one of our represented artists, please send us a message and we would be happy to help you!

Email: hello@sunanddust.gallery

Phone: 505-316-3923


If you are an artist interested in representation: While we are not explicitly looking for more artists to represent at this time, if you feel that what you are doing fits wonderfully with what we are doing, please send an email with examples of your work and a little bit about you. Also, please join our email list to receive notice of open calls for submission in future group shows.

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